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We regretfully announce that, after much consideration, we are cancelling our monthly Farmer's Market.  This is due to the impending change in state law which stipulates that an individual can only be the designated provider for one patient every 15 days.  Obviously, this change substantially increases the legal risks associated with vending to multiple patients on the same day and that places each and every vendor in the way of potential harm.  To put it plainly, it's one thing for us to risk our necks at the shop every day.  We understand the potential for a bad outcome.  But, it's an entirely different matter for us to put our friends in jeopardy.  We simply cannot do that in good conscience.

Hopefully, the day will come when we have some semblance of sanity in the law and we can come together, once again, to enjoy the simple pleasures our little get-togethers provided.  But, as it stands today, we fear we may be a long way from that.  The governor gutted SB5073, the bill which would have taxed and regulated the medical marijuana industry in this state.  Her reasoning was supect, at best, and her intentions were questionable.  In our eyes, and in the eyes of most patients, our elected governor simply betrayed us.  She sold us all out for a plumb job in the other Washington (you know, the District of Columbia, where qualified paients enjoy safe access to medical marijuana).  More importantly, though, Governor Gregoire subverted the will of the people of this state... and we are still reeling from it.

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