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DWC Grow Hydroponic Cannabis Deep Water Culture System

DWC Grow Hydroponic Cannabis Deep Water Culture System


Learn about growing marijuana in deep water culture (DWC) hydroponic systems for higher yields. Make your friends jealous of your dank hydro kush, whether it’s some fine OG Kush chronic or that stanky dank Blue Cheese.

dwc hydro cannabis

DWC is a popular way to grow hydro – it’s in the buckets or tubs, just keep the water moving, maintain the EC levels, grow that hydro kush and you’re set. Compare the DWC system to a DIY RDWC hydro build. You can improve both the quality and amount of your bud harvest if you dial in your hydro system good so follow along.


Hydroponic grow systems pump up the growth speed of your marijuana plants, and can produce some of the world’s finest marijuana buds which is why competitions had to make separate hydro cannabis cups in the first place.


What is DWC?


DWC is Deep Water Culture.


June 9, 2019 0
Ya Boi Smokes Weed

What to Know Before Smoking Legal Weed

Are you a beginner to smoking weed? Learn how to pick the right type of weed to match your desired effects. We overview the basics of indica, sativa and all the hybrids in between.

First step: Finding Good Bud

So you want to smoke weed. Great. Now it’s time to find the good stuff. You don’t want to smoke old, bunk weed, you want the best of the best, the fresh dank – premier quality cannabis grown by skilled cultivators. How to find good weed If you are in a state that allows for the use of legal cannabis, such as California, Oregon, Washington, etc. you may be able to find a dispensary near your location. A dispensary sells marijuana to qualified customers. The top dispensaries on the Left Coast supply a range of popular indica, sativa and hybrid “strains” or cultivars/varieties.

Second step: Indica, Sativa or Hybrid

You may have heard the terms indica and sativa when referring to weed. The marijuana species contains the subspecies c.sativa, c.indica, c.ruderalis and from some sources c.afghanica. Right now we’re going to talk about the two most common in cannabis culture c.sativa (Sativa) and c.indica (Indica). Indica strains are often squat, stout plants that grow thick as opposed to tall. These bushy weed plants produce heavy, resin-soaked buds dripping in potent cannabinoids, such as the psychoactive THC, at large responsible for the effects felt when smoking or consuming marijuana products. Indica strains are most commonly described as “stoney”, “dank”, “sedative”, and “couchlock” due to their heavy-hitting body heavy effects. (more…)
February 25, 2019 0
Classic West Coast Cannabis Strains

Classic West Coast Cannabis Strains


In the event that any one needs perfect taste, power, and impact, of cannabis buds, realizing what you develop has never been more critical. Developing any old seed would be an exercise in futility for individuals who look for flawlessness in cannabis. Also the underlying decisions between sativa, indica and hybrid. My movements around the globe have driven me to reason that the best hereditary qualities are from either California or Holland. A few people say that Israel has some natural Holy Land grass going back to the season of the Rambam, however that is BS. My government agents on the ground say the hereditary qualities in Israel have originated from 2 unique sources: California and Holland. So absent significantly facilitate ado, how about we get to that rundown. This will be useful on the off chance that you get to LA or any dispensary in the locale. On the off chance that you aren’t from this world, be set up for some hilarity as you smoke. On the off chance that you are hoping to begin developing and smoking for restorative or recreational reasons you should know a smidgen about cannabis culture. Getting acquainted with prominent California and West Coast strains is an incredible place to begin. Here are some of the most popular Classic West Coast cannabis strains:

Blue Dream

Blue dream is a cannabis strain that enables individuals to locate a cheerful place. The berry-enhanced crossover is the main number one decision individuals look for in California dispensaries. Blue Dream Cannabis Strain A powerful cross between the ever mainstream exemplary strains Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream is a somewhat sativa-predominant strain covered in puzzle. It isn’t simply fantastic as a result of its excellent flavor and buzzy cerebral high, but since its history has basically been wiped from the books with many trusting its beginnings must be a fantasy (more…)
November 6, 2018 0

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