DWC Grow Hydroponic Cannabis Deep Water Culture System

DWC Grow Hydroponic Cannabis Deep Water Culture System

June 9, 2019 Grow 1
DWC Grow Hydroponic Cannabis Deep Water Culture System


Learn about growing marijuana in deep water culture (DWC) hydroponic systems for higher yields. Make your friends jealous of your dank hydro kush, whether it’s some fine OG Kush chronic or that stanky dank Blue Cheese.

dwc hydro cannabis

DWC is a popular way to grow hydro – it’s in the buckets or tubs, just keep the water moving, maintain the EC levels, grow that hydro kush and you’re set. Compare the DWC system to a DIY RDWC hydro build. You can improve both the quality and amount of your bud harvest if you dial in your hydro system good so follow along.


Hydroponic grow systems pump up the growth speed of your marijuana plants, and can produce some of the world’s finest marijuana buds which is why competitions had to make separate hydro cannabis cups in the first place.


What is DWC?


DWC is Deep Water Culture.


In a DWC system, water acts as a medium for the cannabis plant roots rather than soil. The water is recirculated water and air. Often times nutrients are added into the water that fertilizes the plants in the DWC hydro system.

dwc hydro roots

The plants are suspended over the water, usually in a net pot, and their roots are allowed to grow down into the water to feed for the mix. Air is needed to prevent rotting, which is why weed doesn’t grow well in swamps.


In different agricultural hydroponic systems including DWC systems, the root zone is continually in movement and in this way gas trade between the air and the water arrangement is suitable for growing.


Deep water culture works with siphons and air-stones that continually keep oxygen aerating the water and nutrients are added in delicate balance to feed the plant.



Why Should I Grow DWC?


You may want to grow DWC hydro if you want some really high-grade dispensary quality weed. One of the benefits of hydroponic growing of weed is that your nutrients are constantly accessible to the plants which makes your buds bigger, denser and danker assuming you have the right strain.

dwc hydro weed


Speculate the yields vs. the cost of running deep water culture systems to assess whether DWC would work in your marijuana business.


There is the fact that you’ll need to take care of it every day, so if you’re lazy and forget to change your water then maybe your weed will be bunk and nobody will even wanna smoke it, also ruining your reputation.


Check your water frequently and your plants and friends will thank you.


 DWC System Hydro Growing Tips

The discernible consideration that you should know about when first learning how to set-up DWC hydro is that once you start doing this is the reality that your production of higher-quality herb may demand a high price, making the operation beneficial in more ways than one.

dwc hydro weed plant


Many growers use them plastic net-pots to hold the plants in the system. Or DIY some MacGyver nets.


You could even DIY DWC. Get those 5 gallon buckets or some tubbyware buckets and do your thing.


Use clay pellets from the garden shop or buy them online. The medium will both balance out the plant and keep light harming your delicate root structures.


Science will tell you that the water and supplement arrangement are combined in equivalent sums, yet that can differ contingent upon how the plant responds to the TDS quantities. For example bigger plants need more nutrients to build all of their leaves, stems and buds.


When starting out new plants in a DWC system, you wan to gradually increase the nutrient levels, but not too fast so you don’t burn up the plant with too much fertilizer. Getting the right balance of nutrients to water for hydroponics is the hardest part for beginner growers to grasp, but is often the most important aspect of hydro.


Your mix levels need to be checked – that’s EC (electrical conductivity) and pH, (stands for pot head lol jk) you just need those meters homie check Amazon. A ppm meter will take an EC reading of your water mix and display it in parts per million (ppm) so your know your TDS (total dissolved solids)


pH first.


Question: Best pH for DWC?


Answer: The best pH for DWC is 5.8. Ideally, your pH levels should fall in the scope of 5.2 to 6.2.



Then onto your temps boi.



Question: Best Temperature for DWC?


Answer: The best temperature for DWC ranges from 62-68 degrees Fahrenheit.



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  1. Dave strom says:

    Really if you learn the basics to feed properly its super easy grow,,in dwc get a ph pen and a tds meter,,12 hours after you feed check ph,,this will tell you how to adjust feed,,if after 12 hours from feed ph spikes you know you are underfeeding ,,,if ph drops in 12 hours youve overfed,,with your specific setup you probly wont find a feed chart to match,,so it is imperative to learn your own feed schedule,,after you master feeding this way youll see TREMENDOUS GROWTH and very healthy plants,,i keep a close enough eye on mine that my ph only moves maby .01 to .02 ,,,instead of spiking 2.7 making ph of my bucket after 12 hours 8.4,,not good causeing i believe 80 % or more of my issues ,,issues ive had before i learned to properly feed were ,,,root rot ,major deficiencies,,bugs,,issues ive had after learning this way to feed,,,overgrowing the footprint of my light,,i always have very healthy robust plants huge colas very decent harvests,

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