Marijuana Seed Buyers’ Guide 2022 – How to Buy Weed Seeds Online

Marijuana Seed Buyers’ Guide 2022 – How to Buy Weed Seeds Online

May 8, 2022 Grow 1
Marijuana Seed Buyers' Guide 2020 - How to Buy Weed Seeds Online

Step-by-step instructions for buying marijuana seeds online. How to purchase the best weed seeds for sale in the USA.

Step 1. Find a marijuana seed bank.

image of marijuana seeds on table

If you want to start growing your own weed with excellent results, you’ll need to source high-quality marijuana seeds, clones, or established plants. This article will describe how to get the best cannabis seeds for your use case.

Many marijuana seed distributors online sell seeds to customers locally or worldwide. These are typically called seed banks – ranging from small brands that may offer just a few select strains to large companies with massive inventories and a range of breeders.

It is recommended to purchase seeds at reputable seed banks to avoid scams. Please refer to the lists below for safe choices.

Seed Bank Reviews:


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Whatever shop you are considering buying from, it’s a good idea to check out customer reviews before making a purchase. You can visit TrustPilot, Reddit, Facebook, and other websites that allow customers to leave feedback. This will let you see what other people had to say about the company, such as payment process, delivery times, seed germination rates, etc.

However, be aware that certain shady seed banks may be using fake online identities to post positive reviews. Likewise, a seed bank’s competitors could be posting fake negative reviews as a sabotage mission. Possible red flags include similar writing style and extreme positive or negative emotion among reviewers.

Step 2. Find a strain you like.

marijuana plants growing from seed

It’s best to start with a strain that you know you will like since it makes the whole process much more manageable. Thousands of strains are available to buy as regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds. Strains vary depending on the variety, their sex, and attributes.

regular marijuana seeds icon

Regular marijuana seeds

Regular seeds grow both male and female plants. You can grow these yourself to get bud-producing females and keep or discard the pollen-producing males. Also known as reg seeds, these are the easiest option to breed with and are often sold at the lowest price point.

feminized marijuana seeds icon

Feminized marijuana seeds

Feminized seeds are developed to grow only female plants. That means virtually every seed will grow into a bud-producing female. Also known as “fem seeds“, these are the most popular marijuana seeds sold on the market and with the greatest selection.

autoflowering marijuana seeds icon

Autoflowering marijuana seeds

Autoflowering seeds grow plants that flower automatically from seed – they do not require lighting changes to bloom. This is accomplished by crossbreeding the hemp variety cannabis ruderalis to other cannabis varieties. Also known as “auto seeds“, these can be regular or feminized in sex.

indica marijuana leaf

Indica marijuana seeds

Indica strains are short, broad-leaf varieties that produce dense buds loaded with sticky resin. Easily managed indoors and fast to flower, indicas are a great choice for people new to growing and veteran growers equally. Medical marijuana users generally prefer indica strains for their narcotic effects on the body.

sativa marijuana leaf

Sativa marijuana seeds

Sativa strains are tall, narrow-leaf varieties that grow elongated buds covered in powdery trichomes. Naturally large plants with long flowering cycles, sativas may present a challenge to growers with limited space or time. Many recreational marijuana users prefer sativa strains for their uplifting effects on the mind.

hybrid marijuana leaf

Hybrid marijuana seeds

Hybrid marijuana strains, such as high yield strains, are crossbred varieties that may include both indica and sativa genetics. If a hybrid has more indica influence it is called indica dominant. Likewise, if a hybrid has more sativa influence it is called sativa dominant. The vast majority of marijuana strains sold on the market are in fact, hybrids.

marijuana seed close up image

Which seeds to buy?

Finding the best marijuana seeds for your grow takes time and dedication. You’ll need to try many different strains to find out which you like most, and growing different varieties allows you to compare and contrast their various traits so you can choose the best for your use case. Consider checking out other growers around you locally and on social media to find a strain that’s right for your garden.

Recommended marijuana strains to grow:

blue dream marijuana

Blue Dream: A tall, indica strain with blue-green coloring and a sweet, skunky smell. Blue Dream is from the West Coast and is known for its enormous yields on giant plants. Blue Dream grows well outdoors, indoors, and nearly anywhere!

white widow marijuana

White Widow: A long, sativa-leaning strain with a strong indica smell. Its buds are very frosty and white in color, due to its high presence of trichomes. White Widow has been a famous smoke for stoners worldwide since the 1990s.

gorilla glue marijuana

Gorilla Glue: An extremely potent hybrid that’s great for growing. There are numerous Gorilla Glue marijuana phenotypes, with GG#4 standing out as the most popular.

northern lights marijuana

Northern Lights: A renowned marijuana strain that’s easy to grow and capable of producing massive yields. Hundreds, if not thousands, of modern hybrids were bred using some relative of Northern Lights genetics.

girl scout cookies marijuana

Girl Scout Cookies: A popular hybrid strain that’s easy to grow and produces heavy yields of mellow, intensely flavored buds. It’s prized among American stoners.

Almost all of the modern hybrid strains are easy to grow, and this list is just a sample of the many strains available that may grow well in your cannabis garden. Check out our list of Classic West Coast Cannabis Strains for local favorites!

Step 3. Buy your seeds.

buying seeds online

You can buy seeds in many ways:

  • Online Seed Banks – Many of the most popular and highest quality strains are only available through seed banks.
  • Dispensaries – Some dispensaries will have seeds for sale, although this can vary by location.
  • Local growers – You can try searching online for seed suppliers in your area or if you’re lucky, make a connection. Websites like Strainly, THC Farmer, and the Local Growers’ Guild (in development) allow small-scale breeders to sell their stock online.

In this section, we cover the most popular way to buy seeds online: at marijuana seed banks. Marijuana seed banks are online businesses that sell marijuana seeds.
To buy seeds from a seed bank, first, check their delivery options. If they ship seeds into the United States, then it’s likely that they also ship worldwide. You will also want to check their payment options to see if your credit card, debit card, bank transfer, Bitcoin, or PayPal are accepted.

Once you are on the marijuana seed bank website, you may browse the stock to see what’s available to purchase. Browsing the strains is easy, as the websites are made with simple designs that are easy to navigate. Many seed banks offer a “buy one, get one free”, “three plus two seeds”, or other free seed deal. Some seed banks may also have special promotions running during certain times of the year. Check out the strains you are interested in and see if there are any current offers you can take advantage of.

Free seeds are pretty standard for most orders, and you can expect to get at least one free feminized seed with your purchase. Most reputable seed banks will offer a guarantee on their seeds as well, where if the seeds don’t grow or live up to standard, the bank will replace them for free.

Go ahead and add whichever seeds you wish to buy to your cart. You’re now ready to purchase.

Step 4. Fill out your payment details.

payment method for marijuana seeds

If you are buying marijuana seeds with a credit card, you must provide your name, email address, shipping address, credit card number with expiration date, security code, and name on the card in order to complete your purchase.

As for bank transfer, you will have transfer money to the specified account. Bitcoin buyers must also provide their Bitcoin address. PayPal buyers must only provide their name and their PayPal address.

When you have filled out all of your payment details, click the “Checkout” button to submit your order.
When the payment has cleared, you should receive an email confirming your purchase.

Congratulations! You have successfully bought your seeds.

Step 5. Wait for the delivery.

image of marijuana seeds in hand

Marijuana seeds take from as little as 3 days to as long as 3 weeks to arrive to your home in the United States. This may vary depending on your location, where the seeds are coming from, and how quickly the seeds were sent out.

When you get the email telling you that your seeds have been shipped, go ahead and check the tracking number, if any was provided. Once you get the seeds, be sure to inspect them for quality. There should be no weak seeds that break under the pressure of your fingers (the pinch test).

Step 6. Grow the seeds.

growing marijuana seeds

Despite what any online tutorial may say, growing marijuana is not an exact science, and not one that anyone can successfully follow. Studying Cannabis Biology may certainly help, but is not a cure-all solution to growing great marijuana buds. There are a range of popular cultivation methods to choose from, each presenting unique advantages and drawbacks.

It is often recommended to germinate seeds in water, a wet paper towel or directly in soil. The method you choose is of course, up to you. Keep in mind that some strains take longer to germinate than others, so don’t give up after a few days.

You can speed up the process by keeping the seeds fairly warm.
Wait until the plants have established to apply nutrient feeding. Plenty of light helps to ensure success.
To learn more about how to grow marijuana indoors, you can read our DWC hydro indoor marijuana growing guide.

Step 7. Harvest and review.

big marijuana plant ready to harvest

It’s a great thing to document everything when growing your own marijuana. You can keep records of your harvests on a grow journal, such as Grow Diaries.
This helps other buyers and beginner growers choose the right strains to grow. It also gives you a chance to reflect on your grow and improve for your next grow.
When you have harvested your first crop, you can review the seed strain. Ask yourself:

  • Did you end up with a strain that lived up to its reputation?
  • Were the genetics worth the money you paid?
  • Did all the seeds germinate?
  • Of the ones that did, did all the plants live up to your expectations?

Keep growing, learning, and improving!

Marijuana seeds can be very easy to grow, but they are not necessarily always worth the money.
Leaving a review is one of the best things you can do to guide other buyers. If you paid good money for the seed, it’s only right that you give your honest opinion. And those companies who hide bad reviews are easily spotted. Trusted seed banks have natural feedback of both positive and negative reviews.

The end!

Don’t forget to share this grow guide with your friends, family, and anyone who is interested in growing their own weed! Stay high #growyourown #stonerfam #cannabiscommunity


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